Testimonials for LuLaLax

A Place To Find The Perfect Gifts

Recently I bought my 12 year old daughter a few little surprises from LuLaLax. Before every one of her games, I would sneak a cool pair of socks or a non-slip headband into her lax bag for her to find when she was getting ready for the game. She loved every one. It was such a great pick me up every time, like a little hug or boost of confidence before the game. Thanks to LuLaLax for giving me a place to go to find just the right thing. I will be stocking up for her summer games next.

- Diane

Had to thank you!

Hi LuLaLax:Just had to thank you a million times for your efficiency, promptness and quite a nice item (better than what I expected). I never experienced such a fast delivery in all my years of shopping. Thank you so much. It was such a pleasure dealing with your firm. I still can't believe it. Happy Holidays to you all. Safe a blessed Christmas.

- Rema

You were So FAST and the Merchandise was SO NICE!

WOW!! Thank you for the quick and perfect shipping. Even as we get close to the holidays -- you were so fast! Our Lacrosse team has just signed up for your fundraiser and now I can tell everyone that your shipping was excellent and that the merchandise is very nice. I am hoping we can sell a lot of merchandise within the next 30 days.

- Jamie

Prompt and Kind Reply!

Thank you so very much for your prompt and kind reply today. Your great customer service in my little matter is appreciated. I will be passing along LuLaLax to all my friends!

- Lisa

Excellent Customer Service!

Hello, I wanted to put in writing my thanks for the excellent customer service I received concerning my recent online order. My inquiries were handled promptly and professionally. Best of all, I received all my items, which are going to be Christmas holiday gifts. Thank you to Bobby and any other customer service staff member involved. I will definitely use LuLaLax again.

- Bruce

Appreciate the Follow up and Responsiveness!

Thanks for the call. I received the item in today's mail. I truly appreciate the follow-up and your responsiveness. It does make a difference and certainly means a great deal when making decisions for future purchases/references. Thanks again.

- Tom

Best Stuff in the World!

I think you guys have the best stuff in the world... I have spent so much money on your stuff.. I love shopping in your website.. Keep it up!

- Alissa

Expect to hear from me again!

Good Morning, I wanted to write to tell you how ridiculously happy I am with the service I received from you guys! Just last week I called to order some "game ball" MVP lacrosse balls, I needed two of them AAP to make our game for this past weekend and I needed another 10 on the normal delivery schedule for the rest of the season. I spoke with Derek (I hope I spelled that correctly), and he took care of my order, was 110% professional and extremely helpful, certainly what I hoped, but beyond what I expected. Not only that, but you all shipped the first order later that day and the next order the next day! I had ALL the balls by the end of the week, and let me tell you, they look AWESOME!! I think my exact request when I sent the team logo was to just make it look cool, and boy did you all deliver on that! The balls were a hit this weekend, our coaches are giving two per game, and the boys who receive them were ecstatic. I even received an email from the owner of the organization this morning asking me where I got them because he wants to get more made. I am going to forward him your website and email address as soon as I am done writing this )along with my order numbers for reference), but first I wanted to thank you all for going above and beyond for me and for the kids. Expect to hear from me again!

- Jason

All I can say is, WOW!

I just wanted to say thanks. I'm in a service industry myself, and I understand the frustration when it seems that people only contact you when something's wrong. So just... thanks... My order was exactly as requested, and although no special request was made, it was processed on the same day I placed the order and delivered to my door the next day. All I can say is WOW! Have a great day.

- Doreen

Good Customer Service!

I had sent a picture to go with an ornament and it was a very special ornament for my daughter. You didn't receive the picture to go with the ornament and if Bobby hadn't taken the time to call me, I wouldn't have known that you didn't receive it. Because he called, I resent the picture to his email and he took care of getting my order processed and sent it to to me. He even took the time to let me know that he received the picture. He is what is called "good customer service". I don't know if this note will serve as a step to an award but special people like him give your company a good reputation. Thanks again to Bobby.

- Charlene